Music Stores

Your community either has or is near a music store. These stores will have various brands and models of instruments and should be able to help you find what you want. They will have access to considerably more equipment than they can possibly stock, so ask for help. The smaller stores often have access to the same instruments as the large ones. Unless you are absolutely sure of what you’re ordering, avoid buying over the internet. A good music store will let you try multiple instruments, mouthpieces, amplifiers etc and compare them before you make that big purchase. They should also have rental options and some sort of rent-to-own program. Buying musical instruments at stores that don’t specialize in them is not advised. There are cheap imitations on the market at tempting prices but they are generally of poor quality, often impossible to play well and made of materials that repair shops can’t work with. If you have questions about the quality of an instrument ask a repair technician at an instrument repair shop.

Acorn Music in Salmon Arm

Long & McQuade Music in Kamloops etc

Paramount Music in Kelowna has closed. Wentworth is handling their former rentals.

Valley Wind & Reed in Kelowna

Wentworth Music in Vernon and Kelowna

If you have very particular needs and want to shop at a larger store there are many options. In Vancouver there are several good smaller shops like  Massullo Music in Burnaby and Matterhorn Music in Surrey. There are also big and really big stores like Tapestry Music in White Rock, Vancouver and Victoria; Tom Lee or Long & McQuade (both of which also have multiple locations) which you can expect to have an extensive selection of most instruments, accessories, sheet music and so on. Long & McQuade also has an extensive selection of sheet music available for mail order on their website.