Shred Kelly picks up new Singers!


These four students were among dozens from Salmon Arm West Elementary and Ranchero Elementary Schools who joined touring Stoke Folk band Shred Kelly on a road trip through five schools over the last two days! More photos, details and maybe recordings to come. A big Thank You to their music teacher, Brook Roberts, and his helpers for making this magical event happen!

A.L. Fortune Band goes to Nationals!

ALF SR Band med The Senior Concert Band at A.L. Fortune performed so well at the Penticton Festival that they were one of only two bands invited to the MusicFest Canada National Festival in May! This year’s MusicFest is being held in Richmond, so there is a big effort under way to ensure that they can go without taxing the same families and friends who already helped them get to Penticton. The community of Enderby is already kicking in with support from all corners and they’re well on their way to meeting the expenses they’ll incur on this extraordinary trip. If you’d like to help them (or any other school music program) with a donation please contact your friendly neighbourhood music teacher!

MV Beattie’s Music Teacher Carey Lelond Meets Music Monday Superstar Musician (and Astronaut) Cdr. Chris Hadfield

Carey Lelond Chris Hadfield


Yes, that’s right … MV Beattie’s Music Teacher Carey Lelond Met Music Monday Superstar Musician (and Astronaut) Cdr. Chris Hadfield at a recent book signing in the lower mainland. Since the two had been partners in last year’s huge Music Monday event they had a lot to talk about and catch up on. It seems Chris has been doing a lot of travelling since then. Rumour has it they broke into a chorus of  “Fly Me to the Moon” just before Carey beamed up.

Colleen Venables!

PVSS student Colleen Venables thrilled audiences up and down the Okanagan Valley this past weekend with her world class violin playing. She was the featured soloist in a joint concert of the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra and the Youth Symphony of the Okanagan. These two orchestras include a number of our students and the odd teacher/administrator as well! Colleen has been a member of both orchestras and is now working on her solo career as she prepares to graduate from PVSS and carry on her studies at the post-secondary level. Her parents are both School District #83 employees and are justifiably bursting with pride! A busload of PVSS Music students went to the Vernon performance Sunday night and they are still buzzing about it! Meanwhile Colleen is off to the Montreal Symphony Orchestra concerto auditions with completely different repertoire – Wow! When she’s not travelling the world with her violin Colleen accompanies the PVSS Choir on the piano.


Music Monday just happened this week and was a great event in our elementary schools! Almost every elementary school student in the district participated (and even some secondary ones) in the historic mass singing of “Is Somebody Singing” across Canada and outer space with the help of Astronaut Chris Hadfield and BNL frontman Ed Robertson. Many classes took the opportunity to perform other songs, games and music activities as well.  Students have been preparing for the big event for weeks and have integrated their music learning with science, math, reading, drama and art projects in the process. Special thanks to the Coalition for Music Education for making Music Mondays happen every year, and to our dedicated District Music Staff for embracing them!

Music Festival Season

’tis the season and bands and choirs from around the district are participating in competitive and non-competitive festivals near and far. We wish them all well and hope they have rewarding experiences. These festivals are great learning opportunities for everyone involved and take a lot of practise, rehearsal and planning. Take the time to thanks the students, teachers and other helpers for making these events possible!

Baby Steps

The tabs above are active, if somewhat underdeveloped. New pages and content will be added soon – policies, best-of lists, links to interesting information on improving musicianship etc are on their way. The Twitter feed is live and new Tweets will appear from time to time. Its main purpose is “Flag-Waving” about music.